Girls & Boys Gymnastics

Our recreational gymnastics program will not only be FUN for your child, but will assist in developing athletic skills, flexibility, balance, coordination and discipline.

Our mission is simple: To have all kids gain Strength, enhance Self-Esteem and achieve Success. This is reached through positive motivation, encouragement, effort and fun! Go for the Gold Gymnastics will bring out the best in your kids "one cartwheel at a time."

If your child likes the thrill of competition, we've got it! We offer Girls USAG & XCEL Gymnastics Teams. Call us for details or to be evaluated!

We are proud to have experienced, USAG safety-certified gymnastics instructors who love working with children. Since 1976, we have cultivated many USAG and USAIGC State, Regional and National Champions as well as countless friendships.

Tiny Tots

Ages 3&1/2 - 5 (45min)
Physical education with fundamental gymnastics equipment will build confidence and provide positive reinforcement for all children. Bright colorful obstacle courses and movement exploration create a fun and healthy atmosphere. This program focuses on development of gross motor skills, body awareness, and coordination.


Ages 3&1/2 - 5  (1hr)  
We have designed a program for your preschooler that is creative and motivating. At this age gymnastics is the best way to develop a child’s strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and self-esteem. We introduce preschoolers to all the regulation gymnastics equipment as well as take a step-by-step approach to teach all of the basic gymnastics skills.

Beginner Classes (5-7yrs)

(1 hour) This class is for novice students with little or no gymnastics experience. Students will have the opportunity to work on all Olympic events. Special emphasis is placed on flexibility, core strength and confidence.

Advanced Beginner Classes (7+yrs)

(1 hour) These classes are structured for students who have mastered beginner skills and are mentally and physically ready for the next level. Working on vault, balance beam, uneven bars, floor,Tumble Trak/trampoline, the student hones their skills and progress into becoming a true gymnast.

Intermediate  / Super Advanced Classes (7+yrs)

Intermediate (1 1/2 hour)
This class is designed for the advanced gymnast who desires a longer workout in a structured setting. Certain skill level required (Cartwheel, pullover, back walk over)

Super Advanced (2 hours)
This class is designed for the advanced gymnast who desires a longer workout in a structured setting. Certain skill level required (Front handspring/Back handspring)

Boys Gymnastics ( ages 5-7) & ( ages 7+)

A great workout for young boys blending physical fitness and conditioning into the gymnastics world. Boys will become familiar with the men’s events including pommel horse, rings, bars, vault and floor.

Ninja Classes (Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced)

Free-Running classes are for boys and girls that want to learn the new free running style. This fun, unique class teaches the fundamentals of “urban” gymnastics. Commonly used Free-Running techniques include rolls, vaults, dives & climbs. Class will also contain certain strengthening exercises that will help in overall progression. No prior experience is necessary. Be a part of the hottest new sport! Free Running (aka Parkour) is defined as "Getting from one place to another in STYLE". You will learn how to do flips off walls and over them. Any obstacle becomes your playground. This new form of physical fitness combines gymnastics, martial arts, acrobatics and aerialist movements. Come be a part of the most exciting and fastest growing sport in the world.

Tumbling 7+

Our Tumbling classes are designed to develop new tumbling skills as well as improve upon current skills. Lots of fun stations, tumbling surfaces and drills make this class a perfect fit for any dancer or cheerleader!
Spring floor, tumble track, trampoline, rod floor and foam pit are just some of the stations used during the class.