Our Pre-school programs are for Boys & Girls. We offer 45 & 60 minute sessions.

Girls and Boys ages 5 and older are grouped by age within their level. Go for the gold offers the following recreational program levels:

The following four programs are by invitation only and provide structure for successful entry into the USAG and USAIGC Team programs.

Recreational Programs


Tiny Tots (ages 2 ½ to 3 ½)

(45 min)


Physical education with fundamental gymnastics  equipment will build confidence and provide positive reinforcement for all children. Bright colorful obstacle courses and movement exploration create a fun and healthy atmosphere. This program focuses on development of gross motor skills, body awareness, and coordination.

Preschool (ages 3 ½ to 5)



We have designed a program for your preschooler that is creative and motivating. At this age gymnastics is the best way to develop a child’s strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and self-esteem. We introduce preschoolers to all the regulation gymnastics equipment as well as take a step-by-step approach to teach all of the basic gymnastics skills.

Girls & Boys

Beginner (5-7) Classes

(1 hour)


This class is for novice students with little or no gymnastics experience. Students will have the opportunity to work on all Olympic events. Special emphasis is placed on flexibility, core strength and confidence.

Advanced Beginner Classes (7+)

(1 hour)


These classes are structured for students who have mastered beginner skills and are mentally and physically ready for the next level. Working on vault, balance beam, uneven bars, floor,Tumble Trak/trampoline, the student hones their skills and progress into becoming a true gymnast.

Intermediate Classes (7+)

(1 1/2 hours)


This class is designed for the advanced gymnast who desires a longer workout in a structured setting. Certain skill level required (Cartwheel, pullover, back walk over)

Super Advanced Classes (7+)

(2 hours)


This class is designed for the advanced gymnast who desires a longer workout in a structured setting. Certain skill level required (Front handspring/Back handspring)

Boys Gymnastics ( ages 5-7 & 7+)


A great workout for young boys blending physical fitness and conditioning into the gymnastics world. Boys will become familiar with the men’s events including pommel horse, rings, bars, vault and floor.


Mini Team


This program is for girls ages 5-7.

1 hour 30 minute classes 2x/week encouraged.



This program is for girls ages 6-8.

3 hour classes 2x/week.

Copper Prep.


This program is for girls ages 7-10, who are preparing for our USAIGC Team.

1 hour 30min. classes 2x/week.

Boys Pre-Team


This program is for boys ages 7-14, who want to explore competitive gymnastics. 3 hour classes 2x/week.

Tumbling & Trampoline

Tumbling Classes (7+)

(1 hour)


This specialized class is designed for dancers, cheerleaders and gymnasts who want to focus on stretching and tumbling skills only.

Trampoline Classes (7+)

(1 hour)


This specialized class is for everyone who wants to focus on acrobatic skills only .Proper skill development is taught on trampoline, tumble track and mini-trampoline. Kids ages 7 and older are welcome in this class.

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